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Acne Scar Removal Treatment Information ( Fractional Co2 Laser)

Why does Acne Scar Occur:

Acne scarring is caused by the body effectively putting “too much effort” into healing the wounds cause by acne, causing an excess of collagen built up in the skin.  Acne scarring can occur naturally, or in many cases patients can exacerbate their scarring by picking their spots.  Scarring can affect the back or the chest, as well as the face. This collagen may stay in place permanently, creating acne scarring.  In some cases the result is not a true scar, but simply an access of pigmentation.  This may fade away over a few months or years, but generally isn’t permanent as with other acne scars, which can appear as textured skin.
Acne and scars can be treated with new introduced fractional laser technology. Absolutely painless treatment, excellent results for pores and skin resurfacing of scars. The treatment helps in correcting pores and skin appearance, along with pimples scars also. The topical anaesthetic is applied before the procedure which makes treatment relatively comfortable.
At aura we offer a range of treatments which can combat the whole range of acne scars.  You need to fix up an appointment with one of our skin specialist so that your skin can be assessed and develop an appropriate treatment for you.

Treatment is recommended for the following skin conditions:

  •  Acne scars on face, chest, shoulder, and back
  • Accidental scar on body parts
  • Burn Scars on face
  • Stretch marks on stomach and back body.

Before Treatment


After Treatment


Common Queries Related to the Treatment

Treatments offered at Aura are extremely safe. The skin is first analysed and the right treatment is prescribed for better results, which is performed in a well maintained clinical room. During the course of the treatment you would be thoroughly advised of all the possible side effects associated with the treatment and informed about the various precautionary measures post treatment to be taken.

All our acne scarring treatments will visibly reduce acne scars depending on the their type and severity. Laser resurfacing treatments can show results after just one treatment, whereas a course of skin peels may have multiple sittings.

In majority of the cases the results are permanent, however if one is prune to acne post treatment also there could be a risk of new scars forming, which would require further consultation and treatment.

It is a painless treatment. The topical anaesthetic is applied before the procedure to make the treatment relatively comfortable. Almost 99% of the patients find it a comfortable treatment.

All precautionary measures are taken to ensure that we have a safe and complete procedure. The skin might turn a little red and swollen just after the treatment. However, the swelling is for a very short duration which recovers, which would turn basis the skin colour to brown. After a span of 2-3 days the brownish colour would also fade away, replacing a visible treated skin. One should avoid direct sunlight on the treated part of the body which would be contagious.

Precautionary Measures to be taken post Treatment.

  • It is necessary to follow the instructions provided by the doctor for better results and avoid skin complications.
  • A cool moist compresses is applied post treatment which soothes the treated skin. A neutral, occlusive ointment may be applied until the skin re-epithelializes.
  • Soaking and gentle cleansing may aid exfoliation because new tissue replaces old tissue.
  • A neutral, occlusive ointment may be applied until the skin re-epithelializes. Cool packs used later treatment may provide comfort if advised
  • Hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms and Jacuzzi must be avoided after treatment.
  • Avoid perfume, body lotions, aftershave and the make-up of the treated area immediately.
  • Swimming and exercise should be avoided in any case.
  • Finally, it is necessary to take a thorough advice of the skin specialist for facial and body treatments until the skin returned to normal.