Eczema Treatments

A Skin condition called as Eczema, common among human being. Eczema caused inflamed skin in all age and sex. which can have many causes, but regardless of the cause, the changes that occur in the skin are very similar.

Acute Eczema may be abrupt in onset and last only a limited time or it may be slow in onset and persist for long periods of time. In this type of eczema, the skin is swollen, red as well as scaly after examination.

Large numbers of immune white blood cells are seen to be gathered under the skin. The skin is dry and scaly in chronic eczema and as a result of scratching, it may become very thickened. Infiltration of the skin by immune white cells is also found in chronic eczema.

An instrument which is approved in the USA for curing atopic dermatitis / Eczema skin named 308-nm excimer laser. It’s emitted concentrated light(beam) of ultraviolet B (UVB) to the directed patches of affected skin.

Eczema can be treated well with Excimer Laser a modern technology, which uses focused light beam through a device, It facilitates the cosmetologist to do the fast and effective treatment of skin Eczema. Laser reduces the risk of exposure of surrounding healthy skin.

However, the benefits of the laser tended to be longer lasting.

No, the Most patient does not feel pain during excimer laser treatment. mild sunburn like feeling is common. Anesthesia never requires during the procedure. Recovery time from the eczema is very fast due to excimer laser treatment.

Eczema Lesions

Excimer 308 Lamp