Laser Skin Treatment and Resurfacing

Fractional laser treatment is an exciting new technology introduce to cure many dermatology and cosmetic skin conditions and having successfully result also, with technological revolution Fractional laser skin treatment comfort level increased, reduced post-treatment pain and care. Give excellent results for skin resurfacing and correcting skin conditions, including acne scars.

Fractional Treatment ” is recommended for the following skin conditions:
• Acne scars on face, chest, shoulder and back
• Accidental scar on body parts
• Burn Scars on face
• Stretch marks on stomach and back body.

Fractional Laser treatment is safe for all and approved by the Association. The light produced by the laser is in the infrared end of the light spectrum as opposed to the ultraviolet end. Ray (Light) produced with this type of light is not harmful (non-cancer causing). Lasers have been used in the medical profession for over 15 years and no long-term side effects have been reported.

The treatment is painless and even ladies can accept, a topical anesthetic is applied before the procedure and makes the Laser Treatment relatively Comfortable, the result is mostly all ladies can do it.

Skin Specialist is generally taken judgment for the number of settings, most it depends on the condition of the patient.

Quickly after taking the treatment, the skin might be somewhat red & swollen (edema). These impacts are typical and show an effective treatment. Any swelling normally recovers in a short period. In Ablative Co2 Fractional, light shallow draining and “overflowing” might happen. As the redness and swelling recover, the brown impact will get to be seen. The brown impact will blur throughout the following couple of days as new, sound skin replaces the laser-treated tissue. Other reactions might incorporate release, crusting or scaling, and milia these too commonly resolve inside of one week.

All patients should strictly follow their post-treatment advice given by Skin Specialist, for best results and to prevent skin complications. Cool, moist compresses applied immediately post-treatment may soothe the treated skin. A neutral, occlusive ointment may be applied until the skin re-epithelializes. Cool packs used after treatment may provide comfort if advised. Soaking and gentle cleansing may aid exfoliation as new tissue replaces old tissue.

Depending on the level of treatment taken, patients may allow to apply makeup and resume their normal schedule and activities within four days. Avoid perfume, body lotions, after-shave & the make-up of the treated area immediately.
• Hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms and Jacuzzi must avoid after treatment.
• Avoid swimming and exercise.
• Take the advice of skin specialist for facial and body treatments until the skin has returned to normal.
Dr. Aditya Shah Taking About Laser Skin Treatment and Resurfacing Fractional Co2 Laser