Dr. Nirav Desai, Dermatologist At Aura Laser and Cosmetic Clinic carries and expertise in the field of Aesthetic Dermatology, Dermato-surgeries and hair restoration. Completing his DNB-DVD from Dr. Dhepe’s Skin city, Pune being India’s finest institute providing training in various Laser Procedure’s and Dermato-surgeries across the world and accredited by National Board of Examination-Delhi
Having Hands on experience for more than 4 years in the cities of New Delhi and Surat, served thousands of enthusiasts customers in the art of Hair transplantation, lasers and dermato-surgeries with leading dermatologists across India and abroad, today Dr. Nirav is a well acknowledged name among the mass of people in India.
He has been one of the core members in establishing the Advanced Cosmetic Laser CEtnre being the biggest hospital in Africa. He has participated in all types of hair restoration surgeries including FUE, strip and body hair transplantation.

Dr.Nirav Desai

Dr. Nirav Desai, Dermatologist

His accolades include

  • A project on “Prospective, comparative study of diode laser and long pulsed ND:YAG laser in respect to their safety and efficacy for the laser hair removal in Indian Skin.”
  • Successful treatment of post burn scar with fractional CO2 laser in Indians WCD 2011.
  • Successful treatment of Becker’s nevus with Light Energy Optimization (modified IPL) WCD 2011, ASLMS 2011, EADV 2011.
  • Cyanoacrylate Lamination Technique in Miniature Punch Grafting in stable vitiligo at difficult sites. ASDS @011.
  • He has Co-Authored various chapters in various books related to Hair transplant.
  • A recipient of “Best Scientific Study Award during Haircon 2017”.
  • Has been a faculty to various conferences delivering talks on hair transplantation.