Laser Hair Removal Information

Laser Hair Removal Information

Removing unwanted hair through Laser has become one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed in India. Women and even men ranked the highest frequency of Laser Hair Removal, procedures performed. A highly concentrated light called laser, perform penetrate into the hair follicles which targeted, subsequently to destroy the hair within that hair follicle. The range of lasers of light sources has been developed that is used to removing hair finally. Initially, to perform only on fair skin with the dark laser has been used; newer technologies have made the procedure safer for patients with darker skin and those of color.Utilization of various types of lasers for removal of unwanted hair, for example, alexandrite, diode, Neodymium YAG, and intense pulsed light sources.

Why laser hair removal safe?

An expert will dictate a series of treatments over time which will result in the removal of the unwanted hair to most of all individual. Laser hair removal is safe because the use of imported lasers and light sources are FDA approved for permanent hair removal. Many individuals will witness long term hair removal which may last for many years also. But some will require regular treatments over time to maintain their quality of skin hair free. Even experts can’t judge in advance who will require how many Laser treatments and how many periods of time hair will go. As stated above, laser hair removal works best in those with dark hairs on the fair skin. Though newer technologies and newer lasers and light instruments have made the procedure safe. Effective in those with darker skin and those individuals of color.

Risks of Laser Hair Removal

    • As with any treatment, there are possible risks linked to it, though they are minimized in the hands of an expert dermatologist.
    • Itching,
    • Pain Blisters,
    • Burns,
    • Skin pigmentation problems

Is it dangerous for skin?

No, the laser used in removing hair does not go beyond the depths of the hair follicles. For the reason, no internal organs are affected, and the laser will not beyond skin also.

The oscillation of light energy used in laser hair removal treatments designed to only heat and destroy unwanted hair follicles (root). Some women have concerned about treating areas near their reproductive organs, experts say there is no additional risk.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Before the procedure, an expert will usually review individual’s medical history and may conduct a physical check. This point of the time for the doctor and patient to discuss expectations, potential risks and outcomes of the procedure.

Does and Don’t – Laser Hair Removal

  1. Avoid going out in sunlight, skin waxing, chemical peels or collagen injections for two weeks and prior to the procedure.
  2. Perfumes, deodorants and any irritants chemical in the treatment area prior and after treatment can be avoided.
  3. Use of any medicine after consulting Expert preceding your treatment is advised.
  4. To avoid direct sun exposure for at least one week following all laser hair removal procedures.

What to expect after the procedure

Redness and swelling of the hair follicle commonly seen.Pain and discomfort, which can be easily treated with over-the-counter pain medicines.

To be given a prescription for a topical antiseptic cream to be applied after treatment.

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