Nb UVB Photo-therapy

Nb UVB for the treatment of Psoriasis, Vitiligo / Leucoderma, and other phototherapy treatable conditions.

Nb(Narrowband) UVB photo therapy is widely used to treat skin diseases. When a specific wavelength of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, 311 to 312 nm referred as “Narrowband”.

Use of the narrowband range of UV radiation has proved that the nb UVB is the best alternative of natural sunlight for skin diseases like psoriasis, atopic eczema, and vitiligo.

What are the advantages over PUVA Therapy?

The PUVA system involved taking Psoralen pills and the use of Ultra Violet A light exposure. However the side effects with use of PUVA system was high and unbearable to many patients. Patients taking PUVA system had to wear sun-protective glasses when exposed to sunlight even after treatment.
Psoralen tablet related side effects often makes the patient discontinue the treatment before complete treatment cataract is given. Many patients experience disturbance in vision and can develop cataract, Increased risk of skin aging, darkening of skin and skin cancer with long-term treatment. All of these side effects are overcome by NB UVB

Uses of Nb UVB Phototherapy:
Psoriasis Treatment
Vitiligo Treatment

Instructions to follow while starting NBUVB therapy

  • Regular treatment as instructed by the dermatologist must be followed.
  • Tell the staff about your health problems, including eye disease.
  • Let staff know if you take any medications.
  • Do not apply any ointments or cosmetics (especially perfumes and coal tar products) except as directed by your doctor or UVB staff.
  • NarrowBand ( 311nm ) UVB Advanced Phototherapy
  • Excimer lamp 308 targetted phototherapy.